Bethany’s Woodshed is the oldest and largest spanking story membership site on the Internet. Since October 1998 we’ve been bringing you the best disciplinary and erotic spanking stories, in the largest variety of genres by the most varied authors. We updated weekly (four times a month on Thursdays) with 6–8 new “items” each week. At least six of these items are new stories/​chapters which are EXCLUSIVE to Bethany’s. We also have a weekly spanking cartoon.

At any given time, we have 400–500 stories in our members’ area. Approximately 300 of these stories are chapters of our ongoing spanking novels and novellas, with another 100–200 short stories. You get all of this material immediately as soon as you join.

We also have an art archive of the best classic and new spanking art, and coming very soon, a members’ only message board. You can join a spanking forum and chat with others who share your interest. Best of all, since it’s MEMBERS ONLY (and members join via credit cards) you have a level of security and safety on Bethany’s message board that is not available on other — free — boards.

About Bethany’s Stories

Bethany Burke has been writing spanking stories and novels since 1992, first for CF Publications and now for her own sites, including Bethany’s Woodshed. In addition to this list of approximately twenty completed and in progress novels and novellas from Bethany, there are also six short stories by Bethany in the members area.

About Our Other Professional Authors’ Stories

We update twice weekly. On Mondays, we add a complete spanking romance novel to our exclusive Members Area. We support all eBook formats: PDF, ePUB, MOBI, and HTML.

On Thursdays, we add the next chapter from six different spanking stories in progress.

When novels and novellas are completed, they typically remain in our Members Area for two months. Then they are moved over to Blushing Books for sale to the general public as eBooks.